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Word Puzzles Are Good For Your Brain


Word puzzles are a type of puzzles that are based on words. This is quite logical if we analyze their name. There are several different types of word puzzles and the most popular ones include cross word puzzles, word searches and jumbles.

Word puzzles are an excellent way to stretch your mind and keep it in shape. Many older people use word puzzles as a way to keep the vitality of their brain. One of the most common places where you can find a word puzzle is a daily newspaper. They’ve been featuring cross word puzzles and jumbles for decades. In some cases they have an entire page in the newspaper dedicated to word puzzles. They are a great addition to your morning coffee. Most papers allow readers to solve the jumbles or cross word puzzles and promise the solution in the next day’s edition.

Keep in mind that word puzzles are not suitable only for old people and there are many teachers who encourage their students to solve this type of puzzles in order to improve their logical thinking and prepare their brain to receive and process new information on a daily basis.

There are practically three options to find and start solving word puzzles – buying a specially designed puzzle book, buying a daily newspaper or visiting a website that features word puzzles. It is up to you to decide which option suits your needs and requirements the best. Many people prefer the online version because it doesn’t require any “equipment” and you can literally find thousands of free word puzzles. Now let’s check the different types of word puzzles.

Word search puzzles are focused on finding hidden phrases and words among a grid of seemingly unorganized letters. The words can be found in all directions.

Cross word puzzles are based on the player’s own vocabulary. You’ll get hints for certain letters and association and it is up to you to find the right word.

Finally, there are word jumbles focused on the player’s ability to unscramble the given letters and decipher the right word.